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EMIL Releases New Single ‘Deserve”

It’s been a while since Emil has released any music. Other than the occasional Instagram snippets, that keep everyone anticipating the next release.

After teasing Deserve, last Fall, Emil is finally releasing the long awaited single. With this record we can see him exchange the cold dark vibes of his last album Perfect Timing for the colorful bounce of the summer months.

His new single “Deserve” is best described an an indie pop sad-boy anthem. Emil delivers the chill vibes that he’s known for on records like Hot and Cold and Black Sheep but with a pop flare that can be heard on beaches around the country.

Deserve will be out July 3rd, Be sure to pre-save and follow Emil on Spotify. Stay tuned for new merchandise!

Artist EPK: https://emilsmusic.com/press-epk/

Contact: Management@emilsmusic.com

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