The Making of ‘Drippin’

Making of ‘Drippin’ My First Music Video

When I was deciding to shoot my first music video, ‘Drippin’ hadn’t even been written yet. My team and I initially wanted to shoot a video for one of our earlier tracks ‘TBU’. We got pretty far along in planning for TBU. In fact, we had a full shot list, casting was done, wardrobe had been selected, and locations had been chosen. Despite all these things falling into place, something still didn’t feel right. I wanted to make sure that my first music video was something that gave people insight into who I am. We were a few weeks away from beginning to shoot for TBU, when I began working on drippin.

Change of Plans

There’s a certain feeling you get when you’re confident about a record. Drippin, gave me all those feelings. It was such a feel good track, and it embodied everything Good Times and Good Vibes (G&G) stands for. After the final studio session of recording drippin, I knew we were onto something. Once Drippin was recorded, we knew we had to change up the plans, not everyone was as excited about the idea.

Once we decided that we wanted to make ‘Drippin’ the first music video, I reached out to our director Taina Martinez, of TSM visuals to let her of my decision. Taina and the gang weren’t too stoked about the idea, since so much planning had gone into TBU but ultimately we all decided we’d go ahead and shoot for Drippin.

Shooting Day

After speaking with Taina, everything moved pretty fast. Within a couple of days, we had the concept and a few days later we were scrambling to get a group of people together to shoot the video in Montauk Long island (aka End of the world). This meant we had about 5 days, to find 15-20 people down to troop it to the end of long island for a video shoot. I hit up everyone I could for this shoot, but because it was so last minute a lot of people couldn’t make it.

By the morning of the shoot, we only had 5 people confirmed. This was a tough blow, I began to question whether we had made a mistake by opting to switch the videos out last minute.  The eternal optimist in me decided not to trip and make a dope video with the people that could make it.

Location One: Stony Brook Seawolves Stadium

I was actually a student of Stony Brook University, and I always pictured my first video would be here. Funny how the law of attraction makes that work.  The Stony Brook Football stadium seemed like the perfect location to do some shooting, but shooting inside the stadium isn’t as simple as walking in with a camera, or is it?

After some serious scouting, we found a way to get into the stadium and get all the shots we needed. Moments like this one and others throughout the day, gave me a sense that things were going in our favor. It was also very cool to be able to come back 5 years later, and record my first music video at the school where it all started. Definitely a great place to shoot, and we we’re able to get some classic shots, like the iconic one of the homie Sara ‘Saucy’ Smolz stuntin with the orange Camaro (which we found randomly).


Location Two: Montauk Breakers and Car Scene

The Montauk breakers provided us with a cool spot to shoot the pool scene. This was one of the cooler scenes to shoot, we were starting to loosen up the more the champagne flowed. Music videos look great on TV, and like a breeze to make but in reality they can be tedious and annoying lol.

By this time, we had driven 2 hours to Montauk and I could tell some of the cast was getting restless. Thankfully, something changed the minute we threw on our all white outfits and started sipping champagne.

The Scene when Ron and I are hanging out the back of the car was one of the coolest scenes of the video. Fun fact, that random guy there during the car was NOT part of the cast. He probably thought we were drunk montauk kids. Watching this scene immediately takes me back to that day, and how cool it was to shoot. The color correction, angles  and cuts, were all courtesy of our savage DP Andy Lincoln Estonia

Final Location: Gratitude Bus

All throughout this day it felt like things were in our favor, like someone wanted it to be a good day. Despite us not having a ton of people, other small things were aligning. Coming across the gratitude bus made it all clear. As we’re wrapping up the previous car scene, we pull up to this parking lot and find this bus in the middle of nowhere with the words GRATITUDE written on it. If you know me you know I don’t believe in coincidences –  I took this as a sign, that I was exactly where I was meant to be and with the exact group of people I was suppose to be with. When you watch this video you can see that we were genuinely having a blast.


I learned a really important lesson from this experience. It’s important to be aware of all the blessings that enter our lives, and blessings can come in the form of people, things, or experiences. This day proved to me, that all you have to do is take leaps and the Universe will meet you halfway.

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